Big Cane Chronicles

12 episodes of making a fish cane movie.  

These polymer clay chronicles not really a tutorials but just the process watching.

Mumbling about it is in Russian. It's my first broadcast, so...;)

Video tutorials

1 - Simple polymer clay tutorial for beginners - making a small eye cane using Skinner blend technique.

2 - Polymer clay tutorial for beginners - small and simple “drop” cane, a central fin for a bigger fish cane.

3 - Wrapping a central fin for a bigger fish cane.

4 - Inserting small details in a central part of a big fish cane.

5 - In this episode the inner part of a cane is assembling and getting ready for adding a background. Fish body receives its fins and a tail.

6 - Almost all the cane's parts are ready for the assembling. Just need to finish two more background canes.

7 - All small details of the big cane are ready and the final assembling begins

8 - Final wrapping of polymer clay cane

9 - First 5 minutes of reducing big polymer clay cane.

10 - Another 5 minutes of cane reducing.

11 - Ten minutes of final polymer clay cane reducing. Cutting cane in halves.

12 - The last episode of the big cane series shows the results: reduced canes, leftovers' and some ideas how to use them.